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Chain Link Fencing

Economic consideration play the main part in selecting a fence when enclosing large area such as you own yard, a playground, sports ground, garden, parks,

industrial areas, airports, highways & parking lots etc. Not only is chain-link-fencing more economical and faster to install, it also provides a strong and aesthetically pleasing barrier that with stands weather, atmospheric pollution and exhaust gases for many years trouble free use.

PVC    Coated        Chain-link Wire comprises are rigid PVC and airtight  coated  Steel  wire  with

combines the strength of iron with the anti-corrosive property of polyvinyl.


The Zinc Coated Chain-link

The Zinc Coated Chain-link  Wire consist of low carbon steel wire strand that is similarly coated by a Hot dip galvanizing process or electro galvanizing process that imparts good resistance to corrosion.

Electrostatic Powder Coated Chain-link

Electrostatic application in the powder coating system results in coated surfaces with unmatched performance. The base coat of epoxy powder far surpasses the corrosion resisting abilities of painted surfaces. The polyester powder top coat reduces scratches and burnishing marks normally encountered during shipping. (Colors available for customer choices.)



Wire gauge


Wire Gauge


14, 16, 18






12, 10, 8, 6


12, 14, 16

10, 8, 6


10, 12, 14

10, 8, 6


10, 12, 14

10, 8, 6


6, 8, 10, 12, 14

8, 6

e also manufacture according to buyer requir ments